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Examples of Courses Offered

The Chemistry of Petroleum: An Introduction
Oil from Tar Sands
Advanced Petroleum Refining
Bitumen Chemistry and Technology
Liquid Fuels from Coal
Gaseous Fuels from Coal
Fuels from Coal
Desulfurization of Heavy Oils and Residua
The Evaluation of Coal and Petroleum
Introductory Survey of the Chemistry and Technology of Coal
Heavy Oil Science: Advanced
Coal Science and Technology
Chemical Analysis of Fossil Fuels and Derived Environmental Contaminants
The Chemistry and Technology of Fossil Fuels
Petroleum Refining
The Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum
Petroleum Refining, Science, and Technology
Coal Technology
Coal Science and Technology
Petroleum Refining Technology
Gas Processing: Environmental Aspects and Methods
Gas Cleaning and Environmental Protection
Petroleum Refining Technology
Properties and Upgrading of Oil Sand Bitumen
The Chemistry and Refining of Petroleum I. Introduction and Overview
The Chemistry and Refining of Petroleum II. Heavy Oils
The Chemistry and Refining of Petroleum III. The Future
Environmental Aspects of Petroleum Refining
Introduction to the Oil Sands
Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining
Introduction to Coalbed Methane
Petroleum Refining: An Introduction
Petroleum Refining: Science and Technology

Course Audience and Course Length

Professionals at all levels in the scientific, engineering, and management areas of the relevant industry; also suitable for government employees and energy planners. Individual courses will last from two-to-five days and will be tailored to meet the needs of the client.

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Course Outlines and Price

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